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Recessed Lighting Services at Chesapeake Electric

Chesapeake Electric electricians install recessed lighting in & around homes in Annapolis, MD. Chesapeake Electric installs recessed lights in kitchens, family rooms, basements, bathrooms, hallways, baths, and dining rooms where no wiring currently exists or can rerun new wiring throughout the room. Below is some information regarding Chesapeake Electric’s recessed lighting services. If you are interested in having recessed lighting installed in your home, contact Chesapeake Electric for an in-home appointment and complimentary estimate.

recessed lighting in a ceiling

What Is Recessed Lighting?

Recessed lighting is a ceiling-mounted fixture with a circular diameter available in 4-12” sizes. Recessed lighting is housed in the ceiling above the drywall, so all the customer sees is the trim and bulb. This eliminates the possibility of obstructed views and damage to the fixture. Also, it is much more pleasing to the eye.

Recessed lighting is one of the most affordable and aesthetically pleasing ways to upgrade or establish lighting in your home. With an array of sizes, trims, and functional options, recessed lighting is a sure way to improve to appeal and comfort of your home.

modern living room with recessed lighting

Recessed Lighting Benefits

Recessed lighting is available in different sizes, trims colors, and trim functions sure to meet any lighting requirements in your home. Recessed lighting is constructed with very few components, leaving a small margin for failure within the light: leading to a longer life expectancy. Unlike many other lighting options, you can install a plethora of recessed lights in one area without sacrificing or overpowering any features of the room.

Recessed Lighting Uses

Recessed lighting can be installed for many different applications such as architecture or portrait illumination and general lighting. Recessed lighting requires a flood-type bulb that distributes even light coverage over a large amount of space, leaving no shadows between recessed lights.

Architecture and Portrait Illumination

Looking to illuminate your family photo, your favorite piece of artwork, or the beautiful architecture of your home? This type of application would require a wall washer trim. This particular trim projects light directly onto your wall and distributes light evenly. This effect will maximize the appeal and highlight the beauty of any given wall space. You can also add a dimmer to adjust the light depending on the natural light coming into your home.

In-Cabinet Lighting

Looking to add a look of luxury to your home? In-Cabinet lighting instantly showcases your heirlooms, china, glasses, and barware, making your collection look much more dramatic and expensive.

General Lighting

Recessed lighting works great as general room lighting for your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and dining areas. When installed correctly, recessed lighting can be a hidden part of any room while providing an abundance of light and style.

Task Lighting

Recessed lighting is a big advantage in areas where illumination is required for detailed tasks. For instance, people who do a lot of food preparation and cooking, find that recessed lighting is a must. A master electrician, such as Ryan, who is skilled in designing lighting plans, can illuminate spots above work areas.

Recessed Lighting Installation

Recessed lighting can be installed in virtually any room in the house. Chesapeake Electric will work with you and assist with lighting recommendations such as size, color, spacing, and the acquisition of the lighting. Chesapeake Electric can provide recessed lighting, trims, and bulbs to relieve the time and stress from the homeowner. We ensure perfect symmetry of the recess lighting installation using the latest technology available to provide the best product for our customers. Contact Chesapeake Electric for a complementary recess lighting consultation and complimentary estimate today.

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