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Emergency Electrician Services at Chesapeake Electric

24 Hour & Emergency Electrical Services
Chesapeake Electric offers 24-Hour & Emergency Electrical Services
Are your lights out?
Are the lights flickering or flashing?
Are electrical wires exposed?
Is an outlet smoking?
electrician repairing panel

Contact Us for Your Electrical Emergency

An estimated 50,000 household electrical fires occur each year in the US with over $1 Billion in property damage. Don’t delay repairing your faulty electrical wiring, call us today at 443-438-1311!

Possible sources of electrical fires include:

  • Wiring and related equipment (63%)
  • Lamps, light fixtures, and light bulbs (20%)
  • Cords and plugs (11%)
  • Transformers and power supplies (6%)

So when in doubt, give us a call day or night! Whether it is just an inconvenience or a potential source of danger, Chesapeake Electric electricians will solve all your electrical problems fast, affordably and professionally.

What Sets Us Apart?

Complimentary Estimates
Licensed & Insured
Over 10 Years of Experience
24 Hour Emergency Service Available
Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction & Superior Workmanship

Schedule Service

Our team is happy to answer any questions you have about our service or how we can help with your upcoming project.