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What People are Saying

We had the pleasure of meeting and consulting with technician, Mike G. yesterday and were very impressed with his presentation of what should and could be done with our present electrical situation. He explained everything in great detail and was very patient in answering our many questions . His friendly and professional manner assured us that he would be great to work with on our project. He is a definite asset to the company .

Joseph Hall, 02/11/2021

Mike G serviced our Generac generator & did a great job. He and assistant were on time, and he provided good feedback on components conditions and performance. This is our 3rd year using Chesapeake Electric for annual service and we are very satisfied. If we need electrical work in the future, we will call Chesapeake.

Bob M, 01/04/2021

I had to get a HEAVY chandelier installed and wanted to make sure it was done properly. I got a quick quote from SAM when i called to inquire and she was able to give me a quick appointment. The 2 service gentlemen called ahead of time and when they arrived, they were courteous, wore masks (YEAH!), and used a drop cloth to ensure all was clean when the left (I appreciate that!). They realized they needed a special part and one of them was able to go get the part needed and came back to finish the job! In addition, we asked about getting 2 quotes. One for an additional outdoor outlet which they were able to do on the spot! The second quote is one we'll wait to do at a later time but we're really pleased with their good service! Thank you Mike G and Urive (and SAM!) I would recommend.

Rosemary Patriotis, 12/07/2020

Mike and his helper did a great job for us. They were quick, efficient, clean and the finished job is perfect. I most strongly recommend Chesapeake Electric for your electric needs.

Dr. John Fowler, 09/29/2020
Satisfied Customer!

I use Chesapeake Electric for all my electrical needs. Mike G. was friendly and professional and provided quality work. I highly recommend Mike G. and give him FIVE stars!!

Elizabeth Bergin, 09/17/2020
Quick Service & Very Fair Pricing

I had several other appointments with OTHER companies and they kept canceling and rescheduling my appointments at the last minute, so I called Chesapeake Electric and they were able to come out that same day!! They were courteous, on time, and their prices were very fair. I found the company through a google/yelp search and am very happy I did!

Karen Bishop, 08/31/2020
Very Pleased

Very pleased. They did a good job.

Dennis, 08/25/2020
Very Professional, Very Thorough, Meticulous

Matt & Ginny were GREAT! They were very professional, very thorough, meticulous, on time, and stayed until the job was done. All work was double checked - no corrections needed. Everything worked the first time. Ginny anticipated anything Matt needed before he asked. Their installation looks as good as it works - OWC - Old World Craftsmanship! The work area is cleaner now than before they started. Can't wait to hear the generator run. I am Happy.

Larry Schultz, 08/22/2020
Very Satisfied

I was very satisfied with the service and have already added a review on Google!
Igor was great, and I was also impressed with your help to get established as a new client and getting someone out the same day.

Tom Ruffini, 08/18/2020
Greatly Appreciated

Matt did an excellent job troubleshooting our unique/challenging situation. He and his helpers were super clean and kept their masks on. With my wife being pregnant and a two-year-old, this was greatly appreciated by the COVID situation.

Graydon Moss, 08/18/2020
Thank You

It was a pleasure to work with Mario on this project! He is a VERY hard worker and has a really good eye for practical solutions on the job. Seems unflappable and provides great customer service. Ron was a hard-working, able assistant. The pedestal is awesome. I understand from Mario that the 60 amp circuit breaker is on backorder. The dock lights are very classy.
On a separate work order, will your folks help me get my lawn lights working? I notice several of them are out; probably need some wire cleaning. Not an emergency. Again thanks for your help with this job. I look forward to the water hookup.

Susan Zevin, 08/15/2020
It will be Chesapeake Electric that we call!

On Friday, Aug 7th, Brian came back out for what was “supposed” to be two rather simple fan installations – one, the attic crawlspace fan, and the other was the exhaust fan in the main bathroom. The attic fan went in fairly quickly and I know that Brian had planned to begin early in the morning before the heat got really bad up there to work in! So when that install went off well, we thought we had it made! That fan works great.
The bathroom exhaust fan was a mess with insulation in the ceiling of course, and Brian had put down canvas across the floor and went right to work on removing the old fan. The new one he had chosen for me based on my requests, was much larger and would require cutting a larger hole in the ceiling to install. Once Brian went to work on that, removed the old fan, and took a look up there, there was a huge “uh-oh” moment….. and he realized that no one had ever installed an exhaust hose and duct out from the fan to the side of the house! All that hot, moist air was being blown right up into the ceiling! A VERY bad situation that we never knew about!
Brian had a quick discussion with me, filled me in on the steps he would need to perform in order to install a proper hose and vent, and undaunted, he made a quick trip to get the parts he’d need to complete the work. When he returned, he began a long process of working again in that now-terribly hot attic crawl space, running hose across the ceiling from the fan opening out to the nearest edge of the back of the house. He made numerous trips out onto the roof and installed a proper vent for the hose – and had to spend way too long working across the hot attic area crawling through insulation, running that new exhaust hose across to the vent. I truly felt bad that we had discovered once again that my house had been built without something really important being installed, and now we had to get it corrected.
I can’t say enough about how hard Brian worked and as it turned out, it was more than a 1-person job really, but he did all the work and when he was done, we tested this amazing ceiling exhaust fan and it is just awesome – I’ve never seen an exhaust fan work so quietly and displace such a huge volume of air. While it was a higher cost than anticipated, my wife and I are absolutely in agreement that it was well worth it and we couldn’t be happier with the work done. Brian’s hard work, dedication, and always a friendly word and clear communication while he worked, makes it a real pleasure to have such important work done at the house.
While Brian may be apprehensive about ever coming out again (smile!) we are already discussing some (simple, we hope!) replacement of numerous lighting fixtures that we’d love to have upgraded and replaced around the house. (we are certain that the aluminum wiring would need to have those correct purple connectors also installed). This may be a couple of months down the road and is not in the “urgent” category of the other work we’ve had done now, but when we are ready to arrange more electrical work done, it will be Chesapeake Electric that we call! Please pass along our deepest thanks and appreciation to Brian for an incredibly rough job, but done so very well!
Always a completely happy customer!

John Dandrea, 08/11/2020
A Really Outstanding Job

Our day was indeed very much brightened, and I wanted to let you all know what a really outstanding job was done here yesterday. My wife and I had been dealing with a worsening problem for quite some time, and I should have called long ago – we really hadn’t realized until just recently that our situation was starting to become dangerous. What Brian pointed out to me as he removed outlets and switches and we looked at the burnt and oxidized aluminum wiring, was even scarier than we had thought!
My thanks to you also, for keeping us in mind and calling back to see if we’d like to move the appointment up from Friday to Wed – those two extra days turned out to make a huge difference to us! We were not sleeping well because of worrying about a potential fire starting from within the walls. So, thank you for that initial step alone, getting us seen even sooner was a real blessing to us!
Brian was very personable, friendly, and easy to understand. He was barely in the door before he was explaining some of the most common problems associated with older places that had aluminum wiring. As it turned out, he was indeed correct in every detail! What an awesome and skilled troubleshooting pro he is! Further, he explained every step of the way, what he needed to do, how he would go about it, and what was needed to be installed in EVERY switch and outlet to correct the improper wiring connections. Based on past experience with other jobs, my wife and I fully expected that we would then be given another appointment date of a week or more later, while parts were obtained and time was allocated on the schedule….. but was I ever wrong! Brian said no, they were going to immediately begin the repairs and more parts would be picked up while the work began. Same day. The job was begun and never stopped until they repaired and rewired every single switch and outlet on the entire circuit. Hours of labor went by and they never stopped. Impressed? Words can’t even begin to describe how impressed we are with their work!
Further checks were done at the main panel, and Brian tightened up every connection to breakers. He also inspected our attic crawlspace to repair an outlet up there and found that our heat exhaust fan had seized up and had to be replaced. So, that item is on order and another visit will be scheduled in order to get THAT problem taken care of as well. However, the wiring issue that had worried us to such an extent (and for good reason, as it turns out), was completely repaired in a single visit. Impressed? Oh my, yes. Today, we have used lights and other fixtures and for the first time, nothing was blinking or going out. We can’t thank you enough for the kind of dedicated, caring, and professional work you all demonstrated to us yesterday. You all set the bar very, very high indeed – and from here on out there is only one place we will turn to for all of our electrical work – Chesapeake Electric!!
I do have a FaceBook account so I’ll visit there as well. We will recommend Chesapeake Electric to all our friends and neighbors for the best work and professional experience we’ve ever had! Our sincere thanks to all involved!!!

Sandy Dandrea, 07/30/2020
Superior, timely service

Matt was at our home for emergency service on 8/31. He and his apprentice did superior, timely service. His manner was friendly and professional and he explained the problem and the solution. He earned the company a new customer.

Richard Wade, 09/09/2019
So friendly and helpful

I can't say enough good things about Chesapeake Energy Solutions. Mike is so friendly and helpful when you call. We were having huge problems with our generator, which seemed to be too challenging for our previous generator service company. Called Chesapeake Energy Solutions and Ryan came out today and got everything back up and running. It wasn't easy but with his knowledge and skills Ryan figured out the sources of the multiple problems. Our generator's green light is back on! Thank you Chesapeake Energy Solutions. We will not hesitate to call you for all of our electrical needs going forward.

KSG, 08/21/2019

Chesapeake Electric did a great job installing a new yard light. Mike Maloney was most helpful in getting the work scheduled. Clinton , who installed the new lamppost, was extremely professional and very conscientious. He worked around a minor issue regarding the photo-electric cell. He made sure that everything worked. On top o that, Ryan went out of his way to check to see that everything was operating properly and Mike followed up with an email. Now that’s great customer service!

David Dragics, 06/06/2019

Matt H. and the other Matt were excellent! They make a great team. They handled this job swiftly and professionally. I will definitely continue to do business with them. And their prices are beyond fair!!! Like seriously!

Sharlette Saunders, 06/06/2019

Today, Matt was at our house to provide a quote on installing a new dryer outlet. The price was fair and he started work immediately. He finished within the time he quoted, did the job professionally and with no interruption, and was knowledgeable and easy to deal with.

Bill Corsini, 05/29/2020
Fast, efficient and reliable!

We had some emergency work we needed done this weekend (Memorial Day weekend) and we contacted Chesapeake Energy Solutions and they came out within a few hours and fixed the problem in less than an hour. The tech was professional, courteous, knowledgeable and made sure we had a complete understanding of the problem and what he did to fix it. We would highly recommend using them for all your electrical needs!

Elizabeth, 05/28/2018
Chesapeake Energy Solutions is my “go-to” electrical …

I was introduced to them when they assisted my kitchen contractor during a kitchen renovation.

I then contracted separately with them to move 2 crystal chandeliers and also insert LED lighting into a built-in china cabinet. The LED lighting became a challenge for 3-way switches because of wiring behind the cabinet. I was impressed that Ryan researched different solutions to the problem, which included calling the manufacturer of the lighting.

Based on their good work, I had Chesapeake Energy Solutions also replace an electrical panel.
Recently I asked them to return to install 4 receptacles – 2 on the outside of the garage and 2 on the deck. They also installed 3-way switches for a backyard security light.

Every time their work has been excellent, they show up on time, and the men have been friendly and give clear explanations to my questions. I’m hiring them again for more work in the next few weeks.

Susanne Prigge | Annapolis , MD, 06/10/2016
Reliable, efficient courteous and clean

We had Chesapeake Energy Solutions LLC come out to run some electrical for us when we were installing a water heater and a new bath fan. They worked perfectly with our plumber of choice, left no trace of work, avoided drywall damages at our request, and did it all for less than any of the other contractors in the area. Would definitely recommend.

Phil | Ellicott City , MD, 06/22/2016
Great, punctual professional service!

Chesapeake Energy Solutions LLC did a great job on our pier work. They were fast, professional and effective. Easy to get an estimate and do the job correctly. Did what they could to make sure the job was to budget and it was as if they were never there with the yard that had to be dug up. They started early and wrapped up a large project in less than 1 1/4 days. They verified exactly what we needed and double checked just to be sure it was right. I highly recommend Ryan and his team for any of your electrical work.

D Rost | Arnold, MD, 06/21/2016

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