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Ease your mind with our home standby generators knowing you have a back-up for any situation.

Having a residential generator installed in your home can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars during a power outage, and it will also allow you to stay in your house during a prolonged black-out. Home standby generators may seem like large investments, but in the event of a power outage, they easily pay for themselves — and then some. Our experts here at Chesapeake Electric are here to install your home standby generator for your safety (and your wallet’s). When you and your family are ready to make the smart investment and install a standby generator in your home, our experienced electricians will take care of the entire process for you.

The Benefits of Home Standby Generators

When you lose power at home, having a home standby generator can save you money, hassle, and priceless peace of mind. The basic essentials of heat and air conditioning that we all take for granted leave an uncomfortable hole when they shut down without warning. Other amenities, like our computers, televisions, phones – and the ability to charge them all – can disrupt our lives when they suddenly no longer work at home. Having a home standby generator installed in your home can not only remedy these inconveniences, it can also save you money. Up to hundreds of thousands of dollars can be saved when a residential standby generator powers your home during a lengthy outage.

Here are few reasons why, in the event of a power outage, having a home standby generator installed in your home can not only return your investment on purchasing and installation, but save you thousands:

  • Ease of mind – knowing regardless of the situation, you have back-up power when you need it.
  • Hotel costs — if you and your family need to temporarily relocate during a power outage, paying for a hotel for even one night can cost several hundred dollars.
  • Frozen pipes — in a winter power outage, pipes can freeze and burst, causing expensive repair work and prolonged displacement for you and your family.
  • Basement repair (due to sump pump failure) — when utility power fails and your basement sump pump stops running, clean-up and remodels afterward can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars.

These problems and more can be avoided with the installation of a home standby generator. Contact our experts at Chesapeake Electric today to learn how our electrical experts install a residential generator in your home at an affordable cost.

Trusted Home Standby Generator Installation

Don’t wait for the power to go out — get a residential generator installed in your home today and save yourself money and future headaches. Our experienced electricians here at Chesapeake Electric perform residential generator installation for homes in Annapolis, MD and beyond.

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